Shrimp Hole Development


Are you looking for a safe place to retire? Or a peaceful place to spend your holiday?



There is an island in the Bahamas not far away that’s just perfect for you.  You don’t need to be rich to own something here because the island is relatively unknown.  You see, cruise ships don’t come here, there’s no golf course or casino.  What we have instead is a pristine tropical island with dreamy beaches and crystal clear water, the perfect location to build a vacation home or a peaceful safe place to retire.
Map of The Bahamas

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Here are a few more reasons why you should retire here:
* Remote, away from the city life, family oriented with friendly locals
* The climate here in the winter is warm, it’s sunny almost every day
* English is the spoken language
* Real Estate here is a safe investment


avondzon long island 


Each day you can drive around the island and see beautiful places like this… 

Once in a blue moon, an opportunity comes along that should not be missed. To own property in The Bahamas is often a dream that many people cannot realise, real estate here is notoriously expensive. But with the new legislation, now it is within your reach…



This beach is just a walk away from your new home





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