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I – Peter Michael, residing in Belgium, advise the public that the Shrimp Hole Development in Long Island Bahamas is for sale and that lots can be bought only through this website  and my agent Alice Burnside in Nassau, who is a certified BREA member, with Realty Team Bahamas Real Estate Company of whom Paul Carey is the Broker. She can be contacted at telephone number +1 242-433-6702 or by email at

We advise the public not to do business with any agent other than Mrs. Alice Burnside as she is the only one having written consent.

The Shrimp Hole development is currently only for sale via

and via


Please do not be misguided by all sorts of international ads on the internet promoting our property. If they do not lead to  our website ( or to Mrs Burnsides page, hey are leading to a website that illegally promotes our property .

I – Peter Michael – hold no responsibility for purchases made through websites or agents promoting our property without any form of consent.

Furthermore we would like to advise the public to be cautious when purchasing property on the internet: – Always request your agent for a copy of one or more photo-IDs – Always request your agent for  photo ID of the owner of the property you wish to buy and request a video-call with them (Skype for example) – Never work with a lawyer / Notary Public that is referred to you by your agent but work with one of your own choice, even if your agent claims it’s for your own benefit – When buying property in The Bahamas, insure to deal with a BREA-certified agent (BREA = Bahamas Real Estate Association). All certified members are listed on their website.

Do not be misguided by positive reviews about an agent as they are often self-written .

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