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Building in The Bahamas

Every building in the Bahamas has to first be designed by a Bahamian Architect. Buildings in the Bahamas have a very characteristic look. The exterior paint normally is some bright and luminous color, which goes well with the tropical sunlight that shines throughout the year. Although you can get an architect from anywhere in The Bahamas to complete your design, there are a number of local architects on Long Island who can more easily and at a lower cost travel to your site to complete the proper studies in order to develop the proper building.
Although there are many construction companies on Long Island, there are only a handful of contractors who can see your build from start to finish.
Most banks in the Bahamas will ask as much as 35% down and no longer than a 15 year loan profile. Cash is still king down in the Bahamas so start saving. Also, keep in mind that as off just a few years ago, all Import taxes for materials that will be used to construct a home were eliminated for Long Island. Keep in mind that before this legislation was passed, import taxes were as much as 45%!

Here, as in any country, construction costs in the Bahamas vary depending on the location, terrain and topography of the construction site, design of the building, the materials used and the quality of finish.
Costs can be as low as $65 to $80 per square foot for low cost, wooden housing. However, a modest home of concrete block construction with timber roof framing should cost between $100 to $150.
An average home will cost around $150 to $200.
A better than average home with good quality finishes can cost $200 to $400
For luxury, high end, homes the cost can be well over $400 per square foot though, naturally, this would include the finest finishes and details associated with such upscale housing.
The building standards here are higher than practically all US areas including the very tough standards of South Florida. As the majority of homes in the Bahamas are of concrete block, or poured concrete, construction they are built to meet very strict building codes indeed.


After you have purchased your piece of Long Island with us, we are availlable to assist you in finding the right contractor / architect for the job.


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