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cavesThis island is honestly the most beautiful and welcoming island you will ever visit! And we’ve traveled all over the Caribbean and the Bahamas. The landscape is so diverse.

The water here is many different shades of impossibly brilliant greens and blues . The sun cast golden sparkles onto the sea. There are deserted, sandy pink & white  beaches and white, limestone Cliffs.

deans blue hole

There are wonderous blue holes to explore and underwater pinnacles, arches, and coral formations that are easily accessible by boat, and even by shore!

In fact, Dean’s Blue Hole and it can be found in a spot called Turtle Cove.



Scuba Diving
The diving around Long Island Bahamas is absolutely phenomenal. We have seen all kinds of sharks, rays, and even dolphin while we were diving there. Caribbean Spiny Lobster, stone crabs, and spider crabs can be seen peeking out from under ledges and coral heads.

scubadivingA wide array of reef fish accompany us on every dive. Trigger fish, blue damsels, parrot fish, butterfly fish, grouper, snapper, and more. They’re all there and you can watch their lovely dance of life as long as you can stay under!


You can go bonefishing on the immense bonefish flats on the South end of the island. Ask your hotel or guest house host about a guide.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin


Deep Sea Fishing
Find a local to take you deep sea fishing in the deepest blue sea you’ve ever seen right off the East facing beaches of the island. Sport fisherman come here from all over the world to hook up wahoo, mahi, tuna, and marlin.


salingVisit during the annual Long Island Bahamas sailing regatta. Long Island’s regatta is the second largest in The Bahamas. Skippers compete in the A, B and C class races. There is an awards ceremony with cash prizes and trophies.

The regatta is held annually on the Bahamas Labor Day weekend, which is usually the first weekend in June.
Bahamian racing "C" class sloop at the annual National Family Is

Those in attendance come from all over the Bahamas and all over the world! There is live music, native cooking, kid’s games, and more for the entire family to enjoy!



Take An Island Tour 

long island tourSome of the places to stay offer guided island tours, or you can rent a car and explore on your own. There are several historical churches on Long Island Bahamas. One of my favorites is an old crumbling church made of shell and limestone mortar with silvery, weathered, wooden beams. It is said to have been built by the Spanish in the 17th century. There are also two beautiful Catholic churches built by Father Jerome, who later became a hermit on Cat Island. The most popular church is St. Peter’s. Located in Clarence Town, it is built on a hill and overlooks the south end of the island, including the Clarence Town Harbour. Other interesting architecture includes the ruins of several old cotton plantations and many newer island homes.

Visit a cave

caves2In the past, the Lucayan indians used these caves as a shelter. Today, the caves of Long Island Bahamas are home to many different species of bats, so many that biologists have come all the way to Long Island just to study them. We love bats, because they eat mosquitoes, and that’s a very good thing on a tropical island.


Max’s Conch Bar 

Max's Conch Bar

Max’s Conch Bar

Without a doubt, you simply must go to Max’s and have some fresh conch salad. Say hi to Gary, the owner. Drink an ice cold Kalik beer or a fresh mango daiquiri!



If you’re looking for a piece of paradise, your search might end right here! Watch the video below, it’s all on Long Island!


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